Meet the Investment Managers

We’re pleased to invite you to the 2018 Surrey Asset Management “Meet the Managers” Information opportunity.

The meeting will consist of insights into the Surrey Australian Equities Fund and an opportunity to meet Portfolio Managers Nick Maclean & Michael Woolhouse.

This will provide a fantastic opportunity for the Investment Managers to explain the strategy of the fund, our investment process, risk management and corporate governance systems and investment objectives.

We would be delighted to explain any part of the Information Memorandum and guide you through how to invest alongside the managers.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you.

Please contact us to make an appointment.

Nick Maclean  or +61 3 9691 5490

Michael Woolhouse  or +61 3 9691 5490 

Please note – the Surrey Australian Equity Fund is a wholesale investment product and, as such, are made available only to investors that are classified as wholesale. By accepting a meeting, attendees are confirming that they are Sophisticated and/or Professional Investors, as defined by the Corporations Act 2001.