Strategy May 2021 | Surrey Australian Equities Fund Investment

The Surrey Australian Equities Fund celebrates three years of performance history as of May 2021, returning 41.5% since inception. We are pleased to share the strategy update where we provide you insights from the portfolio, discussing performance to date and the Fund strategy moving forward.

Following on from the Surrey Australian Equity Fund’s +9.8% return in April after all fees, the fund declined 2.5% in May.  This compares to the Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index (XSOAI) return of +0.3%. Our 12-month gain now totals +34.1% after all fees, which is +7.4% ahead of the XSOAI’s return.

For investors who would like to enter The Fund post the June 2021 distribution, applications are required to be completed and submitted by June 30, 2021. The Fund is open to new investors, links to the Information Memorandum and applications are via the links below. Applications for new and existing investors are now paperless and can be made online .

For investors who may need to update banking details or distribution changes, please use this form and send it to Mainstream via email.
Thank you for your ongoing interest.


Nick Maclean & Michael Woolhouse

Directors & Portfolio Managers

Surrey Asset Management

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